CoExist in Kindness Global Mosaic Mural Project

CoExist in Kindness Global Mosaic Mural Project

Good afternoon COEXIST FAM! 

Were excited to announce that this summer we'll be collecting handmade tile mosaics from artists all over the WORLD to create a massive public art piece on the side of our Steelton location! Heres the link to the FaceBook group! We'd love for you to get involved!



this blog page is extremely informative and will explain how this project started! As well as how to become a part of the community and create your very own mosaic to be used in the final mural!



Please review the following from CALYX blog post 

Submission guidelines for flowers on mosaic mesh:
-any size up to about 8″-10″

Suitable materials are:
-glass and mirror are suitable for use

If using tile or ceramics, please remember that Steelton, PA is located in an area that gets winters, with a freeze/thaw cycle. Tile or ceramics should be high fire and pass the no water absorption test. (That’s my fancy term for it. If the unglazed tile surface absorbs water, then it isn’t suitable for outdoor applications in areas where it freezes.)

To do this test: Turn the tile over to the back side and put a drop of water on the unglazed surface. If the water beads up on the surface, the tile is suitable to use. If the water absorbs into the piece, then it will absorb water and possibly freeze and crumble after installation.

If you have questions as to whether something you want to include in your mosaic is suitable, ask in the comments section, and I’ll be happy to help you decide!

It will be easiest for you to pack and ship smaller pieces. We’re asking that you build your creation on fiberglass mesh, and there are two resource videos you can watch to get an idea of how you’d like to proceed in putting your piece together. (Remember that if you use transparent glass, the mesh will be visible behind the glass!)

Building on mesh without using thinset, and packaging your project for mailing:

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  • Carrie Strope

    I hope everyone in the community is getting as excited as I am to bring this project to life! Looking at Nat’s Tile Park website is so inspiring, and it will be such a treat for the community to have a beautiful reminder of the experience :D

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