Community Composting Project

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Community Composting Project

The community composting project has begun. With the purchase of a huge 100-gallon dual chamber composter, we will be making nutrient rich soil and keeping compostable waste out of the landfills. This soil will give the communities compostable goods a second chance at life and may one day fuel the plants within our community garden! Stop by today to learn about the composting process or to bring in some of your compostable goods that you would like to add to the mixture. Below is a list of things that are compostable and things that are not. 

Compost dos and don'ts


Vegetables (remove stickers), fruit (Remove stickers), crushed eggshells, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags (remove staples), bread, beans, lentils, nuts, grass clippings, flowers, leaves, untreated straw, twigs, untreated wood chips and sawdust, shredded newspaper


Meat, fish, cheese and dairy, egg, cooked foods, bone, produce stickers, pet waste, used tissue and paper towel, plastic, Styrofoam, oil, grease, glossy or coated paper, staples, aggressive weeds grasses and poisonous or diseased plants, harsh chemicals, treated wood chips or sawdust

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