Halloween Bash at Coexist Gallery: A Spooktacular Night of Fun!

Halloween Bash at Coexist Gallery: A Spooktacular Night of Fun!

🎃👻 What a Spooktacular Evening! 👻🎃

Coexist Gallery hosted a Halloween Bash on October 27th, and it was an unforgettable night filled with thrills, chills, and electrifying fun. The event was an absolute scream!

🎵 Groovy Tunes 🎵 Our featured bands, Roux and Screamin' Egrets, rocked the night away with spine-tingling melodies. The crowd danced, sang, and howled with delight. The atmosphere was electrifying.

👑 Best Costume Contest 👑 Our costume contest was a graveyard smash! Ghosts, goblins, witches, and even a few zombies strutted their stuff for a chance to win eerie prizes. The creativity on display was hauntingly impressive.

🍲 Delectable Delights 🍲 We served up scrumptious turkey and vegetable soup, and our fresh-cut French fries were devilishly delicious. A special thanks to our talented barista who kept the crowd warm with free coffee and espresso drinks.

🎁 Spine-Tingling Prizes 🎁 Our door prizes were a hit, with attendees winning some seriously spooky gifts.

📷 Captured Memories 📷 Our Halloween-themed photo booth was the perfect place to capture memories with friends. Everyone left with a souvenir of their fang-tastic night.

We're thrilled to have had the pleasure of celebrating this haunted holiday with the community. Keep an eye out for future events and more opportunities to come together at Coexist Gallery. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for making this Halloween Bash a bewitching success! 🕷️🎉🧙‍♀️

Until next time!🌟


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