Rick & Morty Mask Demonstration with Jeff Semmerling

Rick & Morty Mask Demonstration with Jeff Semmerling

Artist Jeff Semmerling modeling the "Rick" Mask to see if it is looking good before adding plaster and paint to it

Artist Jeff Semerling made his May return to Coexist Glass Gallery in Steelton Pennsylvania as their artist spotlight following the success of their previous mask making demonstration with the artist in April. 

Last month Semmerling made the iconic duo Cheech & Chong as permanent installations for the gallery to the great appreciation of Coexist fans and hemp fans all over the internet as the gallery live streamed the creation of the two masks. Those who were local had the opportunity to watch Semmerling live over the three days he took to craft and hand paint each of the larger than life masks as well as peruse Semmerling's collection of hand crafted leather and paper masks. The gallery has begun housing much of Semmerling's stock along with other local artist's work to better promote small time artists & businesses, allowing them to reach a larger audience. Wire wrapper Myra Menzer, and sculptor Debra Williams, as well as a plethora of local glass artists also have their work on display at the gallery. 

After all of the positive feedback and interest stirred by the original demonstration Coexist Gallery had Semmerling back for another three days this time with the tall order of a creating another more modern beloved duo: Rick & Morty. The mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his goofy grandson Morty are always caught in some sort of wacky adventure in one dimension or another. The animated show has a cult following and is soon to begin work on its seventh season. 

For three days Semmerling sculpted and painted the giant likenesses of Rick & Morty out in the beautiful weather in the Melted Pot Coffee Shoppe's new open-air lounge and home of the expansion of the Coexist in Kindness Mixed Media Mosaic Project. His demonstration was enjoyed by both the Gallery glass & mosaic artists but the community at large with Semmerling & the gallery owner Shawn Gold regularly testing out the new masks by modeling them and waving to passing cars and interacting with surprised customers. Suffice to say it was another successful collaboration and the gallery expects to continue to work with Semmerling and other local artists to bring creativity and joy to the Steelton community.



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